Security without boundaries

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Security without boundaries

The manufacturing sector depends on efficiency. And that’s why businesses chose SecurEnvoy – our simple to manage solution delivers robust authentication that helps employees remain productive, keeps processes lean and ensures businesses stay agile.


SecurEnvoy has allowed us to be truly flexible with no compromise on performance and security. The tokenless two factor authentication has given our organisation the tools to implement remote and flexible working with complete confidence.

Frank Gramiger, Project Leader

Manufacturing organisations choose SecurEnvoy because we deliver

Simple deployment, easy integration

A licensing system designed to scale alongside you

The broadest range of tokenless solutions


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Tata Steel Case Study


As a part of a scheduled 3-year review, Tata Steel was looking to improve upon its existing two-factor authentication solution. Having previously invested in over 5,000 hardware tokens, the IT department was weighed down with hardware costs and a significant administrative overhead. With tokens being exchanged every 3 years, and many being lost in the interim, Tata Steel found itself in an almost constant state of hardware replacement.

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