Security your customers trust

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Security your customers trust

Processing vast volumes of customer data, security is critical for retailers. Trust builds brands in the retail sector, and that’s why some of the biggest names on the high street select the comprehensive authentication provided by SecurEnvoy to keep them safe.



Our operations are now streamlined as we have a simple software solution for two-factor authentication that back-ends to existing LDAP directories, rather than a disparate proprietary database.

Matthew Clements, Principal Programmer at John Lewis

Retail organisations choose SecurEnvoy because we deliver

Simple deployment, easy integration

Support for all major technology platforms

The broadest range of tokenless solutions


John Lewis Case Study

It’s vitally important that the John Lewis Partnership team makes sure that the thousands of the company’s employees it supports can access their networks simply and securely. Historically, the John Lewis Partnership has used a token style authentication solution to enable its employees to securely access the network remotely. This system consisted of a small token that the user carried with them. The token produced an access code for the user to input into their laptop or PC in order for them to access a given network.

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