The Cloud is Simplicity with Benefits

SecurMC was launched to create a platform for customers and providers to choose how and who they want to deliver fully managed tokenless multi-factor authentication services.

SecurMC is about empowering the customer and offering choice, therefore providing all the benefits of Strong Authentication from one to hundreds of thousands of users all deployed within minutes by your chosen Cloud partner. For end users, our Cloud solution is offered by YOUR partner and this is YOUR choice.


  • Customer data managed either by the customer or SecurMC 
  • Multiple domains, geographies and organisations can be deployed seamlessly


Intelligent Alerts

Fully Managed Authentication Services

The SecurEnvoy products are available as Cloud hosted solutions. Using our own network, or our network of integration partners these services use the principle of taking the time, effort and management away and for the customer to maximize operational efficiencies.

For our partners it's an opportunity to attract a wide range of end users; from small businesses to larger enterprises, in a controlled and fully managed method.

For our prospective customers, the ability to release any additional hardware burden and reduce administrative and resource intensive services, factors heavily in their decision making process. Outsourcing is an opportunity to streamline business processes and benefit from released capital as a re-investment or a cost saving activity.

  • Security is second to none; complies with regulatory standards, including SOX, PCI and HIPAA
  • No seed records to be compromised, unlike other providers, we don't generate seed records.
  • Resilience; top System integrators and Hosting partners provide global reach.
  • Scalability; most scalable solution available today - any sized company can be accommodated.
  • Speed to market; at a rate of 2100,000 users an hour, a 100 users will be deployed in less than 5 minutes!
  • Managed Service; using global MSSP's the service is totally managed and outsourced.
  • Simplicity of migration; move from any competitors platform with zero disruption of service.


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