Authenticate. Your way.


Putting the user in control

We believe users should be able to choose any personal device to be their authentication token, whether it’s their mobile phone, tablet, laptop or even their desk phone.

Users should be able to seamlessly move their single identity between these devices without leaving their identity behind on obsolete technology.

Putting the user in control


All the power of Tokenless two-factor authentication with zero footprint.

Choose from patented, pre-loaded SMS, real-time or periodic, re-usable codes.

  • No app to install or manage
  • Locked to SIM (Uses Telco PKI)
  • Wider range of supported phones (7 Billion Plus)

No Signal? SMS Delivery Delay?…No problem!


Soft Token App

Secure, Tokenless two-factor authentication without the need for phone signal or data connectivity

Authentication via the soft token app means users can enrol in flight mode.

Soft Token

Soft Token Security

  • Keys (seeds) are created at enrolment and only known to your server
  • The first part of the key is generated by the SecurEnvoy server to FIPS 140-2 standards
  • The second part of the seed is generated by the device’s unique characteristics
  • Seeds are stored with secure AES 256-bit encryption
Soft Token

Automatic Worldwide Resync

Travelling overseas? When your device syncs, new passcodes are generated based on local time.

  • Device clock can be +/- 13 hours UTC
Soft Token

Replacing your device?

  • Users can self-migrate simply by enrolling the new device
  • Seed record is deleted from the old device, rendering it safe for disposal or re-sale
Soft Token App Supported Device

Supported Devices

  • iPhones, iPads (IOS4 or greater)
  • Blackberry (OS5 and greater)
  • Android (2.1 and greater)
  • Mac OSX
  • Windows Phone 7 & 8
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 operating system (PC)

One Swipe Offline

A simple user experience that’s easier than a password, with the added strength of two-factor authentication.

Advantages include:

  • No need to remember or enter your User ID
  • No need to enter your passcode
  • No phone signal or data connection required

One Swipe, easier than a password with all the strength of 2FA



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