Monthly Archives: December 2010

Deploy secure 2FA in days, not months

As we all know, time is money, so any opportunity to cut the time devoted to any given task is usually a good thing for your company’s finances. Traditional two factor authentication uses physical tokens that take time to distribute … Continue reading

SecurEnvoy gets linked in to the discussion

Tokenless Two Factor Authentication is the way forward for companies that need secure methods of remote access, so we have created a LinkedIn discussion group for all interested parties. ‘Discussing Two Factor Authentication’ is the perfect place for customers and … Continue reading

App happy

In the year 2000, the World Wide Web accounted for more than half of all internet traffic. Today, that figure stands at less than 25 percent. The reason for this decline is the changing habits of internet users and the … Continue reading

An open and shut case for law firms

In the legal profession, confidentiality is everything. Ensuring that client information is secure is vital for the continuation of each case, but also important for a company’s reputation – a law firm known for weak security won’t be around for … Continue reading

A world without tokens


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