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SecurEnvoy supports iPad/2 and integrates with Citrix to enable remote users to use the iPad and remote devices in a secure authenticated manner.

We had two launches this week! SecurEnvoy support the latest revision and updated iPad and also the advent of iPad2 also in support. In Europe there is already over 1 million users of the iPad Europe and this is expected … Continue reading

Mobile phones in our daily lives

With hackers becoming increasingly determined and more effective, it pays to add the extra level of security provided by 2FA. Given the proliferation of mobile phones (either personal or business phones) and the natural habits of users to keep their … Continue reading

RSA Hack what it means to SecurEnvoy

As a result of the recent hack that RSA has endured SecurEnvoy has become the port of call for journalists around the world looking for clarity on the situation, with an understanding on what it means to the end-user community … Continue reading

There are no zombies in Denver, Colorado says SecurEnvoy

An amusing incident involving a Denver, Colorado digital road sign that was hacked to display `Zombies Ahead’ has been highlighted by SecurEnvoy as a classic demonstration of the need for transparent authentication. “The Denver incident at the weekend – amusing … Continue reading

Learning and listening from customer feedback; how our latest survey is helping us work in tune with our partners.

A recent customer survey provided us with very accurate and useful feedback from existing customers. Interestingly, when asked how satisfied they were with SecurEnvoy, an overwhelming 98% said they were happy with our technology but 3% said it was merely … Continue reading

How much is that 2FA token going to cost you?

Is the conventional ID and passphrase combination dead? Possibly. Well, ever since sites started generating 12 character passphrases with upper and lower alphabetics and numerics, meaning that even Dustin Hoffman (Rainman) would have difficulty memorising the string, it probably has. … Continue reading

A world without tokens


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