Monthly Archives: May 2011

Engineering Giant Successfully Secures Global Workforce

SecurEnvoy today confirmed that FTSE100 engineering conglomerate, Invensys, is extending its use of SecurAccess across all areas of its business. Originally selected by Invensys Rail, the solution has proved so effective SecurAccess will now be rolled out across all Invensys … Continue reading

5 billion handsets; SecurEnvoy allows anyone, from any device to authenticate from anywhere

Gartner forecasted the rise in tokenless ™ as the trend to watch; of course we believe this, interstingly 98% percent of customers also agree that using tokens is an outdated pain, and that using their own phones is definitely the … Continue reading

Learning and listening from customer feedback; how our latest survey is helping us work in tune with our partners.

A recent customer survey provided us with very accurate and useful feedback from existing customers. Interestingly, when asked how satisfied they were with SecurEnvoy, an overwhelming 98% said they were happy with our technology but 3% said it was merely … Continue reading

A world without tokens


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