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Top 5 Technology Trends For 2012

With the End-of-Year Countdown firmly underway, we’ve taken time to reflect on the last twelve months to give our forecast of the top five trends for the year ahead. If we’re right, the forecast for the next twelve months will have … Continue reading

Water authorities tighten up on security with tokenless 2 factor authentication from SecurEnvoy; The astute utilities are saving money, adding flexibility and its environmentally friendly too

As part of our remote access program we were looking for a replacement to our previous token system. We wanted something that could offer flexibility, a reduction in costs and introduce efficiencies while continuing to maintain a high level of … Continue reading

The rising tide of automated attacks is something that cannot be ignored for much longer, as there is a real risk of these attack vectors resulting in a successful major incursion on a larger scale

SecurEnvoy confirms the rising sea of risk that all IT professionals are now bathing in. Commenting on the results of an interview in The Times with Iain Lobban, the director of GCHQ, SecurEnvoy says that the exponential rise in attacks … Continue reading

A world without tokens


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