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The RSA Security breach – 12 months down the technology turnpike

It’s been 12 months since the security world woke to the horror that RSA Security’s systems had been compromised and – as the company has reluctantly confirmed – its many tens of millions of SecurID hardware tokens would have to … Continue reading

SecurEnvoy offers choice of a soft token on whichever device an employee chooses

SecurEnvoy has launched a new service where users are permitted to choose which device they wish to receive their soft token upon. Named SecurBYOT (bring your own token), the company said it has the ability to provision 100,000 new users … Continue reading

Motiv Chooses 2 Factor Authentication from SecurEnvoy

Berkshire (UK) and IJsselstein (Netherlands) – SecurEnvoy today confirmed that Motiv is not just selling its solutions, but is also using them. So impressed with its versatility, Motiv has implemented SecurAccess internally, replacing its own hardware tokens with SecurEnvoy’s SMS and soft … Continue reading

Tokenless® two factor authentication is officially a business grade service

SecurEnvoy is delighted today to confirm that it has successfully patented its ‘preload’ technology for SecurAccess and SecurMail. This sanction ensures other organisations cannot ‘copy’ its pioneering solution for reliable, business grade, tokenless two factor authentication (2FA).

Single Sign-on Flaws Drives Need For 2FA

Two-Factor Authentication or 2FA falls under the spotlight as US researchers discover pitfalls in single sign-on services Commenting on reports that US security researchers have discovered a number of flaws in single sign-on (SSO) services operated by a number of … Continue reading

So is a token weaker than tokenless authentication?

SecurEnvoy, the leader in tokenless two factor authentication poled 1,000 people to survey how they manage their own mobile phone and concluded that people value and manage their mobile phone moreso than a token; to the point that many of … Continue reading

A world without tokens


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