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How long does it take to crack a password?

The idea that regular password changes lead to better security dates back to the days when passwords were stored in plain text files on Unix systems. Regular password changes actually decrease security, for a few reasons: 1) your poor users … Continue reading

Could you live without your cellphone?

“It’s funny, I’ve lost my keys, my wallet and just about everything else — but never my iPhone. The way I keep it with me, I don’t know if that’s even really possible,” said a student interviewed. Addressing the question … Continue reading

Considered the top executive toy, the mobile phone follows us everywhere!

It might seem hard to believe but the mobile phone was first introduced in 1985. Just twenty seven years later and the device that we now love is hardly recognisable to those first Motorola handsets. And it’s not just the … Continue reading

SecurEnvoy confirmed as leaders in the tokenless® sector, following the Magic Quadrant report written by Gartner

Being recognised alongside many other companies in any report is always important especially in a report that isn’t specifically aimed at the Authentication market but actually aimed at IAM as the market criteria!

A world without tokens


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