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“The challenge any organization is facing is that it has to deal with: more users, beyond the employees, with more types of devices, and with access to applications”

SecurEnvoy met last week with Analyst, Martin Kuppinger, at the RSA conference.

Discussing why SecurEnvoy’s technology is interesting with Analyst Martin Kuppinger of Kuppinger Cole, covered a conversation around the focus in the ‘business to business’ space and not the consumer market, and hence why solutions have to be industrial strength. The introduction of the SecurEnvoy patented preloaded option and the choice of ‘tokenless’ variations lead SecurEnvoy to have 100% availability whilst providing the end user with choice.“The challenge any organization is facing is that it has to deal with more users, beyond the employees (Social Computing, Extended Enterprise), with more types of devices (Mobile Computing), and with access to applications outside of the former perimeter (Cloud Computing). This ‘Computing Troika’ requires new approaches for strong authentication, especially in the light of an increasing number and severity of attacks. However, for mobile enterprise users these approaches have to work everywhere – especially when travelling by train or when being in buildings with limited connectivity for their mobile phones, like in many data centers. And it has to work with any device, not only with some few of them. The balance between usability on one hand and cost and logistics on the other is a difficult one. Thus it requires a thorough analysis before picking a technology for strong authentication that really works for the business users.”

A video outlining the subject of innovation, in the two factor authentication tokenless space, is available at youtube




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