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Eurograbber hack tricks susceptible end users

Shopping or banking online depends on trust. Individuals interact with sites that they trust, and sites have to trust the person who is transacting with them. Many online banking sites are turning to two-factor authentication to confirm the identity of … Continue reading

GASA BØG GROUP Grows With SecurEnvoy

GASA BØG GROUP is one of Europe’s leading distributors of flowers and floral products, based in Denmark, with four main disciplines: wholesale, retail, garden centres and young plants. Part of the DLG Group – the 14th largest company in Denmark, GASA … Continue reading

Are You Ready for BYOD 2.0?

We’ve all become used to the acronym BYOD – or bring your own device. However, with many organisations still struggling with allowing employees to use personal devices in the workplace and we’re on the cusp of the next stage – … Continue reading

More than half of people prefer to text their friends rather than phone or meet in person!

A survey from SecurEnvoy has found that 53% of people admit that they would rather text or instant message their friends than pick up the phone or even meet in person – showing just how relationships are changing. As we … Continue reading

Top 20 SMS facts to mark the 20th anniversary of the text message

THE Short Message System (SMS), as it is properly known, has revolutionised the way we communicate and now 15 million are delivered to our mobile telephone screens every minute of the day. SecurEnvoy invented tokenless authentication; using an SMS to … Continue reading

A world without tokens


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