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If you thought security was expensive, try ignorance!

“Authenticate your way”. The new server engine v7 is designed to offer users maximum flexibility; to this end, users can choose from a range of options for receiving passcodes – via mobile telephone, smartphone, computer, tablet or laptop. For users without … Continue reading

SecurEnvoy: more, faster, better, cheaper.

Looking back at history and researching the twentieth century leader in China, Chairman Mao, we can relate the design culture of SecurEnvoy to his reign of leadership with the statement he made ‘more, faster, better, cheaper! SecurEnvoy have launched in … Continue reading

Twitter just got it. Apple recently got it; but will it keep you safe?

Twitter just got it. Apple recently got it, too. Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon have had it for a while. But why’s two-factor authentication important, and will it keep you safe? SecurEnvoy are pushing the boundaries of tokenless authentication; embracing … Continue reading

Global Authentication Challenge update

Following our recent blog relating to the phenomenal cycle ride that our colleague James Ketchell is making to show how authentication can be used literally anywhere on earth! The challenge was set! We claim that anyone of the 8 billion … Continue reading

SecurEnvoy has been shortlist at this year’s Computing Security Awards

Great news! SecurEnvoy has been shortlist by Computing Security Awards and we would like your help to vote for us! If you have experience of SecurEnvoy please vote for us at: We have nominations for the following categories at this year’s … Continue reading

Providing users with a choice of authentication whilst still keeping secure their one identity

Unlike traditional solutions that provide two-factor authentication using one-time passwords, SecurEnvoy with a minimum of interference with the existing IT infrastructure and the solution deploys in a few clicks. Integration with Microsoft Active Directory, Novell eDirectory, Sun Directory Server and … Continue reading

two-factor authentication without the token!

The revealing interview from leading magazine ‘all-about-security’ with chief editor Prior Kolaric and with Robert Korherr, CEO, ProSoft Software GmbH titled “two-factor authentication without the token” discusses the benefits of two factor authentication in todays always-on, mobile digital age.

A world without tokens


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