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Only once in a blue moon

So the IT Manager is safe in the knowledge, as s/he’s tucked up in bed, that all is well at the office! And yet if we were to stop and ask who has access to the network, to the office and to the data then perhaps it wouldn’t be so easy to sleep?

As the data is where it should be every morning, so all must still be well and in order ….. and yet we know if we were compromised that we wouldn’t necessarily know, would we? Well, whilst the staff shut down their computers at the end of the day, the remote users close their laptops and the management leave for home, the data is shut away tightly. Like the doors and windows, all closed up for another day, and yet who checks if all the bolts are shut and the locks are fastened? Like the data that keeps our business alive, without it or without a correct version, we don’t actually have a business. So protection from the uninvited is vital.

With IT Managers going to great lengths to encrypt the data, back it up and secure copies, who is securing the front entrance to the golden nugget?

And yet the solution, is so simple! All it takes is a one hour window to download and deploy tokenless two factor authentication, isn’t it a no brainer when it comes to knowing the crown jewels are protected?

So for just once in a blue moon, the IT Manager could actually get a good nights sleep!

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