Monthly Archives: November 2014

“New Security flaw exposed in Microsoft’s remote desktop”

Many companies use Microsoft Remote Desktop Web (RD Web) in order to manage their access to server resources. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is recommended to secure this access. This usually consists of the conventional username and password components plus an additional … Continue reading

Seven billion devices for enabling tokenless two-factor authentication

According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), there are now as many mobile phones as people in the world: about seven billion. Such devices have affected our communication behaviour and accessibility significantly over the past decades. It all started with … Continue reading

Twitter does away with passwords – but at what price?

The Twitter microblogging service recently declared war on passwords. Rather than having to remember dozens of different passwords, users can now authenticate themselves via the “Digits” service (a social sign-in) when using an app. They have to supply their mobile … Continue reading

New malware on a daily basis: digital threats emanating from Asia?

The Asian region, in particular, is considered to be a major generator of insidious malware.  The main intention behind the new bugs, trojans and other such unwanted threats that emerge on a daily basis is to steal passwords.  Asian firms, … Continue reading

Do you also suffer from FOMO?

A much-cited flood of information assails Internet users from all directions when they get stuck into it. Via social networks, like Facebook, tweets, blogs, video platforms, such as YouTube, and as images in Flickr collections – the possibilities seem endless. … Continue reading

A world without tokens


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