Monthly Archives: March 2016

How to overcome malware that can steal your login credentials …

The recent discovery of a new strain of Android malware that can steal the login credentials of mobile banking users will have many financial institutions rushing to review how they protect their customers.  The malware, detected by researchers at security … Continue reading

one tap, one swipe; the key to keeping your secrets

Keeping secrets secure has been an issue since early Inuit’s kept information from one  tribe to another, so this isn’t a new phenomenon. What has changed is it’s no longer if data can be kept secret, it’s a question of … Continue reading

Is adaptive authentication really adapting to users or just adding complexity?

German IT Security authority ‘all-about-security’ interviewed Fabian Guter, SecurEnvoy’s EMEA Manager to understand more about the tokenless proposition. Click here for the Voice Interview. In a podcast-style presentation he is asking critical questions to his guests. In this interview, he … Continue reading

A world without tokens


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