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LANINET Solutions provides highly secure cloud logins with SecurEnvoy

SecurEnvoy works closely with the distribution partner LANINET Solutions in Scandinavia. SecurEnvoy’s solutions, such as SecurAccess, have now been added to the Swedish IT company’s security portfolio. The aim of the two partners is to expand the market presence of … Continue reading

Data octopus acquires messaging service – and also your corporate data?

The social media network Facebook recently caused a stir when it announced that it will acquire the popular messaging service WhatsApp. The resulting concerns are understandable – the merger of a data octopus disguised as a “social platform” with an … Continue reading

QR code enables authentication: SecurEnvoy demonstrates its One Swipe method at Infosecurity Europe

Infosecurity, one of the largest European trade fairs for information security, will be taking place at Earls Court in London from 29 April to 1 May. And the exhibitor SecurEnvoy will transform its stand H10 at the event into a … Continue reading

SecurEnvoy facilitates remote working for staff at city councils and municipal authorities

From law enforcement officials to highway surveyors – staff at public authorities often work away from the office. As a result, they need to access city or municipal networks remotely in order to document their assignments. Employees at many such … Continue reading

Institute for Mental Health in Altrecht identifies employees using tokenless two-factor authentication

The Dutch Institute for Mental Health in Altrecht states that “It is a very modern solution”. This vote of confidence has been given to the recently installed SecurAccess tokenless two-factor authentication solution provided by the developer SecurEnvoy. It replaces the … Continue reading

Torkes launches “OTP as a Service” based on SecurAccess by SecurEnvoy

SecurEnvoy partner Torkes, a Colombian company dedicated to create managed service over Hardware and Software platforms, recently launched “OTP as a Service”. An OTP, short for One Time Passcode, secures remote logins and different types of applications such as VPN, … Continue reading

How will Software as a service develop in 2014?

Saas (short for software as a service) is potentially the next episode in the Cloud progression as the alternative for on-premise authentication software. The progress to make remote hosting a viable and secure option has been phenomenal and one to … Continue reading

Secure Cloud Computing (Swiss Made)

Swiss cloud service provider ensures secure logins using SecurAccess, thereby providing its customers with protection against identity and data theft by means of modern two-factor authentication technology.

SecurEnvoy partnership with the distributor Infinigate concerning sales activities in Great Britain

Businesses are witnessing the ongoing trend towards mobile working and working from home not only in Germany, but also in neighbouring countries such as Great Britain. This demand is being met by SecurEnvoy, a pioneer in the field of tokenless … Continue reading

Tokenless authentication just got easier with one time QR codes

SecurEnvoy has updated its Server Engine and released version 7.2. A key part of this version is its patent pending “One Swipe” technology, with which users can authenticate themselves with a simple to use one time QR code and authenticates them even … Continue reading

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