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OMG! Are you ‘textlexic’ LOL? Six in 10 adults admit they can’t understand abbreviations in text messages

OMG! Are you ‘textlexic’ LOL? Six in 10 adults admit they can’t understand abbreviations in text messages: Initials confuse many phone users, survey finds Fears that written English standards may decline Millions of ‘textlexic’ Britons are unable to understand the … Continue reading

“The challenge any organization is facing is that it has to deal with: more users, beyond the employees, with more types of devices, and with access to applications”

SecurEnvoy met last week with Analyst, Martin Kuppinger, at the RSA conference. Discussing why SecurEnvoy’s technology is interesting with Analyst Martin Kuppinger of Kuppinger Cole, covered a conversation around the focus in the ‘business to business’ space and not the … Continue reading

Microsoft Acquisition of PhoneFactor Promotes the Future of Tokenless Two-Factor Authentication

“Microsoft’s acquisition of US-based PhoneFactor cements the role of Tokenless®  two-factor authentication in securing access to applications, websites and sensitive data.  “Tokenless two-factor authentication uses a phone (normally a mobile but sometimes also a desk phone) to provide the second … Continue reading

25% of People are Prone to Using Text Words Instead of Normal English

A survey from SecurEnvoy has found that text phrases – such as C U L8r, LOL etc – have become so much part of our daily lives that one in four Brits claim they are Textlexic – prone to using … Continue reading

Sophos and SecurEnvoy offer tokenless decryption

SecurEnvoy and Sophos have joined forces to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) using SMS messages for full disk encryption. The new partnership will develop a tokenless 2FA solution for laptops and other devices meeting requirements for flexible working without the worry … Continue reading

The Hidden Cost Of Upgrading Your iPhone

Millions of people have already bought the new iPhone 5 which was launched last week (they sold 5 million in the first three days) – and many millions more have it on order. For many others, the new iPhone 5 will … Continue reading

SecurEnvoy are finalists in the ‘Identity & Access Management Solution of the Year’

SecurEnvoy have been nominated in the category of Best ‘Identity & Access Management Solution of the Year’ News released today has formally been confirmed SecurEnvoy are finalists in the ‘Identity & Access Management Solution of the Year’ category!

Passwords – do you know the trick to getting them right?

Passwords. We all use them as the gateway to our personal information, emails, different websites – you name it. And, the reality is that (whether we admit it or not) most of us reuse passwords between different applications or sites. … Continue reading

Passwords are proving that they are often the weakest link

Commenting on reports that hackers can now gain ready access to the password hints file(s) on Windows 7 and the upcoming Windows 8 platform, SecurEnvoy says this is just another example of how the integrity of passwords has become seriously … Continue reading

Taking remote access to the extreme

Taking remote access to the extremes – how do you remote access and authenticate from some of the most hostile places in the world? James Ketchell, explorer and innovator behind ‘pushing limits’, makes contact from the desert! At 42°C on … Continue reading

A world without tokens


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