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How Secure Is the Cloud, Really?

About two thirds of organizations moving data to the cloud have little or no knowledge about what measures their providers have put in place to protect data, a recent survey found. It was observed however, “Whether your data is on … Continue reading

Facebook and Dropbox in favour of SMS to strengthen security

More websites should ask customers to confirm their identification by using one-off security codes sent by text messages, rather than by only entering a username and password. Andy Kemshall of security firm Securenvoy warned that a study of security professionals … Continue reading

Survey finds the average kid could crack your password using social networking tools

Forty two percent of IT professionals believe that the average kid could crack most end-user’s passwords using social networking tools.  That’s the findings of a survey released today which was conducted by SecurEnvoy amongst 300 IT professionals who found that … Continue reading

20% of Microsoft logins are in the hands of hackers !!

News today of more password hacks seems to be the regular occurence – today three more in the news – that have been reported! Many articles have been written recently suggesting better construction of passwords and management of them. However … Continue reading

Tokenless ‘otp’ alternatives reduce costs by over 90% survey concludes!

A staggering fact that companies that use hardware tokens are not only cheating the employee from convenience, they are also missing the reduction in deployment costs by more than 90%! Tokens that need replacing or that require attention from changing … Continue reading

Authentication tokens can be broken in under 15 minutes !!

The news that tokens can be broken in less than 15 minutes raises questions again following last years security breaches! One clients comments related to the need that the traditional token vendors sell the tokens with a life span but generates … Continue reading

Is the choice for security like choosing your coffee?

Remote access isnt just a choice between PC and laptop that needs to be made. Instead, the executive briefcase is filled with various gadgets all designed to make life easier and allow business to continue – anywhere and everywhere. So, … Continue reading

‘Simple and secure’ – ATMs to operate without a card

News that ATM’s are to operate without using a card sounds the breakthrough SecurEnvoy made in the late nineties when they invented tokenless authentication! SecurEnvoy took the concept of a plastic token generating a code on a dedicated plastic token, … Continue reading

How long does it take to crack a password?

The idea that regular password changes lead to better security dates back to the days when passwords were stored in plain text files on Unix systems. Regular password changes actually decrease security, for a few reasons: 1) your poor users … Continue reading

Could you live without your cellphone?

“It’s funny, I’ve lost my keys, my wallet and just about everything else — but never my iPhone. The way I keep it with me, I don’t know if that’s even really possible,” said a student interviewed. Addressing the question … Continue reading

A world without tokens


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