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SecurEnvoy confirmed as leaders in the tokenless® sector, following the Magic Quadrant report written by Gartner

Being recognised alongside many other companies in any report is always important especially in a report that isn’t specifically aimed at the Authentication market but actually aimed at IAM as the market criteria!

Bring your own device strategies fuel demand

SecurEnvoy’s Business Booms as demand for Two Factor Tokenless® Authentication Escalates Inventors of Tokenless® two factor authentication (2FA), now leads the market in providing 2FA on mobile devices, using SMS messaging, to deliver users a one-time passcode to access data … Continue reading

SecurEnvoy Secures Patents, Protecting its IP

Tokenless® two factor authentication is officially a business grade service SecurEnvoy is delighted today to confirm that it has successfully patented its ‘preload’ technology for SecurAccess and SecurMail. This sanction ensures other organisations cannot ‘copy’ its pioneering solution for reliable, … Continue reading

66% of the population suffer from Nomophobia the fear of being without their phone

Berkshire (UK), 16th February 2012: First identified in 2008, it would appear nomophobia – the fear of being out of mobile phone contact, is sharply increasing in the UK. A recent survey of 1,000 people in employment, conducted using OnePoll, … Continue reading

Explosive growth in 2 factor authentication sees SecurEnvoy sign distributor Vigil

SecurEnvoy the inventor of tokenless™ 2 factor authentication has today signed an agreement with Vigil Software, the specialist IT security Distributor, to become their second major distributor in the UK.

You can’t put a price on security, yet Security can Literally Cost the Earth

SMS technology is the logical alternative to the costly token; while it’s true that you can’t really put a price on security, and we applaud any responsible organisation that looks to protect its customers, we all live in this world … Continue reading

Your mobile can do more than call the emergency services to avoid a business disaster!

If something happened, tomorrow, do you know exactly what you need to do to get the workforce back up and running? Chances are, if your building were destroyed tonight, you’ve got a disaster recovery plan that would swing into action … Continue reading

SecurEnvoy open in Russia as 2012 kicks off fast and furious for tokenless® authentication

SecurEnvoy have joined forces with Russian distributor and security experts TopSecurity LLC to manage the huge spike in demand that they’ve seen across Russia;  “SecurEnvoy is enjoying an international success story as it expands its distributor and partner network to … Continue reading

Mobile wallets and m-banking: how secure are they?

Mobile wallets, mobile payments and mobile banking – Google initially chose not to encrypt important credit card information!

Security should not cost the earth Andy Kemshall says token-based authentication technology is damaging our planet

While it’s true that you can’t really put a price on security, and we applaud any responsible organisation that looks to protect its customers, we all have a responsibility to consider our impact on the planet. Yet practically every pocket … Continue reading

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