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Get the most from SecurAccess and improve your team’s skillset.

SecurEnvoy is pleased to announce the launch of our new SecurAccess Certified System Administrator Training Course. Designed to meet the needs of system administrators and ensure that every element of your SecurAccess implementation is correctly managed, the portal brings businesses … Continue reading

SecurAccess helps trailblazing cryptocurrency and gaming business bring true security to its users

Cryptocurrencies are growing at an exponential rate as they shift from being the reserve of the tech geek into a recognised form of currency for a range of consumer activities. As the technology and the markets it’s traded on mature, … Continue reading

The future is passwordless: why security habits need to keep pace with technology

In most areas, computer technology is unrecognisable to that used in the 1960’s. Those enormous machines with reel-to-reel data transfer feel a lifetime removed from today’s tablets and cloud platforms, and yet, many of us still rely on a process … Continue reading

Secure your core business applications… with your face

Our developers aren’t the kind of people who sit around waiting for end-users to demand new functionality. They’re the kind who are always working on ways to improve usability. That’s why, while some companies might have been caught off guard … Continue reading

Meet the Team – Doug Chase (VP Sales/Channel, Americas)

In the latest of our “Meet the team” blogs, we meet Doug, our VP Sales for North America who holds the distinction of being our first employee in the US. As we’ve expanded our footprint to three offices and are … Continue reading

Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t need MFA?

The day of the password is numbered – and that’s a good thing for users and admin Wouldn’t it be great to live in a world where multi-factor authentication just wasn’t necessary? Where we could just turn on our laptops … Continue reading

Usability and security: two sides of the same coin?

Security doesn’t need to put obstacles in the way of genuine users. Data security has too often been on the front pages of the media this year, with major public organisations including rail services and healthcare providers hit by WannaCry malware, … Continue reading

Team bonding – SecurEnvoy Style

The SecurEnvoy family may be growing rapidly and internationally, but we’re still a close-knit team. And while we work hard to achieve our business goals, we also know the value of sharing less formal experiences together whenever possible.

SecurEnvoy Releases much-anticipated SecurAccess Version 9

SecurEnvoy has released the latest and most advanced version of their successful SecurAccess user authentication solution. The latest iteration, which is expected to generate interest from existing clients looking to upgrade and new customers looking to bolster their data security, … Continue reading

Join us at InfoSec Netherlands next week (1, 2 November)

Join SecurEnvoy at InfoSec Netherlands on 1st and 2nd November and be among the first to see the full functionality of SecurAccess Version 9, the latest iteration of our industry leading Multifactor Authentication solution. Fabian Guter (Managing Director, SecurEnvoy GmbH) … Continue reading