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Torkes launches “OTP as a Service” based on SecurAccess by SecurEnvoy

SecurEnvoy partner Torkes, a Colombian company dedicated to create managed service over Hardware and Software platforms, recently launched “OTP as a Service”. An OTP, short for One Time Passcode, secures remote logins and different types of applications such as VPN, … Continue reading

How will Software as a service develop in 2014?

Saas (short for software as a service) is potentially the next episode in the Cloud progression as the alternative for on-premise authentication software. The progress to make remote hosting a viable and secure option has been phenomenal and one to … Continue reading

Secure Cloud Computing (Swiss Made)

Swiss cloud service provider ensures secure logins using SecurAccess, thereby providing its customers with protection against identity and data theft by means of modern two-factor authentication technology.

SecurEnvoy partnership with the distributor Infinigate concerning sales activities in Great Britain

Businesses are witnessing the ongoing trend towards mobile working and working from home not only in Germany, but also in neighbouring countries such as Great Britain. This demand is being met by SecurEnvoy, a pioneer in the field of tokenless … Continue reading

Tokenless authentication just got easier with one time QR codes

SecurEnvoy has updated its Server Engine and released version 7.2. A key part of this version is its patent pending “One Swipe” technology, with which users can authenticate themselves with a simple to use one time QR code and authenticates them even … Continue reading

Perfect scores in all categories: SecurAccess ranked “Best Buy” by SC Magazine

The American publication ‘SC Magazine’ took a close look at ten authentication solutions in an independent test. The test winner was SecurAccess version 7 from the developer SecurEnvoy. This solution, which uses a tokenless approach, was given a perfect score … Continue reading

The Chinese way isn’t to gamble on the Horses, it’s to take the safer option

It’s the Chinese New Year today, the 31st January 2104 and what a year it is to be! In the West there are early signs of recovery following the past six year period of decline. In China however, its been … Continue reading

Security experts flee the RSA Conference – signs of increased sensitivity with regard to the NSA scandal

Appearances can be deceptive: The interest in the NSA scandal, and the resulting reactions, have not ceased, even if the media is now reporting about them less (prominently). It was recently announced that a number of IT security experts had … Continue reading

SC awards take industry trials and award tokenless inventor 5* and Best Buy

SecurEnvoy’s SecurAccess is a product for authentication using multifactor and/or biometrics. This class of products provide enhanced security for users providing credentials for access to an authenticator or authentication server. Supplicants may be users or devices. SecurEnvoy uses a unique … Continue reading

SecurEnvoy maintains its position as a Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for user authentication solutions

Recently, Gartner Inc., a leading research and consulting company in the field of information technology, published its Magic Quadrant for User Authentication (Ant Allen, December 9, 2013). SecurEnvoy, an expert in tokenless two-factor authentication, was among 20 vendors included in the … Continue reading