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What is the Value of Customer Credentials?

Last month, organisations received an enormous wake-up call – news of the largest cyber-attack ever on a state government in the US. While the fact that breaches still occur is almost to be expected, it’s the magnitude of what the … Continue reading

Eurograbber hack tricks susceptible end users

Shopping or banking online depends on trust. Individuals interact with sites that they trust, and sites have to trust the person who is transacting with them. Many online banking sites are turning to two-factor authentication to confirm the identity of … Continue reading

Who do you think you are?

How do you protect your systems from fake users, when private data is so easy to come by. SecurEnvoy explore what could happen when user authentication is based on passwords and personal information. This summer, two seemingly unrelated events occurred that … Continue reading

Sophos and SecurEnvoy offer tokenless decryption

SecurEnvoy and Sophos have joined forces to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) using SMS messages for full disk encryption. The new partnership will develop a tokenless 2FA solution for laptops and other devices meeting requirements for flexible working without the worry … Continue reading

SecurEnvoy are finalists in the ‘Identity & Access Management Solution of the Year’

SecurEnvoy have been nominated in the category of Best ‘Identity & Access Management Solution of the Year’ News released today has formally been confirmed SecurEnvoy are finalists in the ‘Identity & Access Management Solution of the Year’ category!

Taking remote access to the extreme

Taking remote access to the extremes – how do you remote access and authenticate from some of the most hostile places in the world? James Ketchell, explorer and innovator behind ‘pushing limits’, makes contact from the desert! At 42°C on … Continue reading

Facebook and Dropbox in favour of SMS to strengthen security

More websites should ask customers to confirm their identification by using one-off security codes sent by text messages, rather than by only entering a username and password. Andy Kemshall of security firm Securenvoy warned that a study of security professionals … Continue reading

‘Simple and secure’ – ATMs to operate without a card

News that ATM’s are to operate without using a card sounds the breakthrough SecurEnvoy made in the late nineties when they invented tokenless authentication! SecurEnvoy took the concept of a plastic token generating a code on a dedicated plastic token, … Continue reading

The web’s most popular passwords revealed

The world’s most popular passwords have been revealed – and it’s the predictable ‘password’ that tops the list. Almost five per cent of computer users chose the simple code, according to a new study revealing the 10,000 most used words to … Continue reading

SecurEnvoy has received another Royal seal of approval

The Queen’s cousin met the staff of leading two factor authentication company SecurEnvoy, to open the authentication company’s new Merlin House headquarters in Theale, UK. The Duke of Kent unveiled a plaque to mark the occasion for the multi-million pound … Continue reading