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The Risks of AI, Alexa & Google Duplex

The lines between human and AI are becoming increasingly blurred. If the recent demonstrations of Google Duplex are to be believed, we may have difficulties knowing if we are talking to a human or a bot in the very near future. In … Continue reading

What does the Facebook debacle tell us about workplace security?

Data breaches are getting a lot of press of late, most notably due to the Facebook / Cambridge Analytica Fiasco that has seen Mark Zuckerberg up in front of a senate select committee to explain the company’s actions and treatment … Continue reading

Shouldn’t every day be password day?

It seems that every day is a “world something day” in the internet age, and while we’re happy to forego World Tuba Day (This coming Friday if you’re interested) there are others which we can fully get behind.  World Password … Continue reading

Data Breach Investigations Report – some things, unfortunately, don’t change.

 Verizon’s annual Data Breach Investigations Report has just been released in its 10th edition and it makes for interesting reading for anyone with an interest in keeping their data safe. Analysing over 43,000 attempted breaches – or “incidents” – throughout … Continue reading

PCI regulations are changing. And MFA is a big part of it.

As of today,  anyone responsible for treating or handing personal card data will be subject to even more stringent security requirements to meet the latest PCI-DSS guidance. While some may roll their eyes at what they might see as regulatory … Continue reading

Hollywood is onto something – passwords are not cool.

Film producers have recognised for a long time – as have many in the security sector – that passwords are not cool. Imagine Bond typing and retyping a password to gain access to a villain’s lair – those extra few … Continue reading

Stolen password lets hackers into Deloitte’s systems

If proof were needed of the importance of multi-factor authentication, then the recent experience of global consultancy Deloitte certainly delivers it. As the Guardian newspaper revealed on September 24th, Deloitte has become the victim of a hacking attack that aimed … Continue reading

Considering MFA? Concentrate on what really matters

With a lot of “young pretenders” in the market, there’s a real risk companies will choose hyperbole over real security benefits. If you’re only now looking at implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA) to protect your business, you might be surprised to … Continue reading

The Ten Commandments for the best MFA performance

Multi-factor authentication is a hot topic right now: more and more businesses, of all sizes, and in all industries, are realising that the standard login protocols they’ve relied on for years just don’t cut it in the modern, digital workplace. … Continue reading

Could you guess how many others now know your passwords?

Here is a little test to keep you amused during your next coffee break!  Go to the website and enter a username you may have used or an email address. The site will then tell you whether your passwords have … Continue reading