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5 Seconds to Protect Businesses

It is also important to accept that threats come in many forms and can affect businesses greatly, for example, 15 per cent of large organisations suffered from a security or data breach in the last year involving smartphones or tablets. … Continue reading

The rising cost of data breaches brings the birth of the authentication blueprint

Once only considered for high-end companies (e.g., banks), today companies large and small in the government, healthcare, energy, financial services, insurance, manufacturing, marketing, retail, telecommunications, charity, legal and construction sectors are turning to two-factor authentication (2FA) for their internal security … Continue reading

Can Eyeprint ‘selfies’ replace hardware tokens?

Eyeprints – of veins in the white, not the iris of an eye – captured via selfie are another biometric option for 2-factor security, but concerns about the implications of compromise remain. Andy Kemshall, co-founder and technical director at SecurEnvoy, … Continue reading

Why Your Employees Need To Be In Control In A Mobile World

It makes sense to put employees in control in a world where almost everyone possesses a mobile device. By empowering staff to protect their endpoints, giving them the ability to authenticate their way on their own phone or tablets, IT … Continue reading

SecurEnvoy’s NFC tech could make your Apple Watch your password

SecurEnvoy’s NFC tech could make your Apple Watch your password. No need to type in a lengthy phrase – just use your smartwatch or phone as an NFC key. Stuff magazine looks at SecurEnvoys oneswipe technology 

Knowledge is power to the hacker

Every day hackers are being equipped for their next attack, as more and more users are trusting organisations with their personal information online. But with zero knowledge, hackers can be rendered powerless.

Are smartphones ‘leaking’ YOUR fingerprints?

Are smartphones ‘leaking’ YOUR fingerprints? Flaw means hackers can intercept and steal biometric data !! Fingerprint scanners are often touted as the future of security and an alternative to the notoriously flawed password. But experts have discovered they may not … Continue reading

2015: The Year the Password Becomes Obsolete?

This year the password will likely become a thing of the past. Surprising? Not really. As hacks increase, so will the ways to prevent them. Two-factor authentication is emerging as a more secure approach in which companies across all industries … Continue reading

Amnesty for passwords

The password, once highly acclaimed as a security precaution, can no longer provide what it once promised. As technology constantly evolves, cyber-criminals also refine their tactics. Simple password protection is facing increasingly sophisticated threats, and can be rapidly bypassed, especially … Continue reading

Twitter does away with passwords – but at what price?

The Twitter microblogging service recently declared war on passwords. Rather than having to remember dozens of different passwords, users can now authenticate themselves via the “Digits” service (a social sign-in) when using an app. They have to supply their mobile … Continue reading