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Do you also suffer from FOMO?

A much-cited flood of information assails Internet users from all directions when they get stuck into it. Via social networks, like Facebook, tweets, blogs, video platforms, such as YouTube, and as images in Flickr collections – the possibilities seem endless. … Continue reading

Secure contactless authentication via NFC

Near Field Communication, or NFC for short, has been increasingly making a name for itself: near field communication over short distances using wireless technology has already been introduced in contactless payment systems, for example. The new iPhone 6, and its … Continue reading

Bye bye database – or: why size isn’t everything …

Almost all companies have their own databases. And sometimes you may get the impression that size really matters! The bigger the database, the prouder the company management. But as is so often the case in life, size isn’t everything. In … Continue reading

Secure your network communications against the secret services

The political relationship between Germany and the USA is in a crisis. Just recently the media reported on a BND employee who is said to have been working as a double agent for the CIA. The Federal Republic drew their … Continue reading

More branched, faster, more virtual – but are future IT networks also safer?

At the start of each year, predictions for the next 365 days are always popular. This also applies to the IT sector. For 2014, experts attached particular significance to the topics of virtualisation, cloud computing, network optimisation and Software Defined … Continue reading

If even a five-year-old can crack the Xbox password security…

…how much damage could a professional hacker do in a company network? At just five years of age, Kristoffer von Hassel recently caused a stir when he effortlessly circumvented the Microsoft Xbox console’s password security. He wanted to log in … Continue reading

Only once in a blue moon

So the IT Manager is safe in the knowledge, as s/he’s tucked up in bed, that all is well at the office! And yet if we were to stop and ask who has access to the network, to the office … Continue reading

Managing your online identity

Businesses are becoming increasingly concerned with the amount of personal and company data that is available to government authorities. And with good cause; unbeknown to many business leaders and employees, it is possible for government organisations to access business data … Continue reading

How long can you keep a secret for?

Twenty thousand years ago ancient Chinese culture had found a method to make pots from clay. Two thousand years ago in Jiangxi Province they found a method of keeping these pots longer by glazing them. This was one of the … Continue reading

Striking a Balance Between Security and Telecommuting

The ability for companies to ensure the security of their networks, no matter where their employees are, is what’s important. Companies need to look at the needs of their workers and proactively design and implement a network infrastructure that is … Continue reading