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Don’t wipe my mac ………

The Fundamental Flaw of the ‘Find Me’ Feature Industry leader, Apple has managed to capture the public imagination in ways that still elude its closest competitors. Its game-changing design and fundamental understanding of the way that users want to interact … Continue reading

OMG! Are you ‘textlexic’ LOL? Six in 10 adults admit they can’t understand abbreviations in text messages

OMG! Are you ‘textlexic’ LOL? Six in 10 adults admit they can’t understand abbreviations in text messages: Initials confuse many phone users, survey finds Fears that written English standards may decline Millions of ‘textlexic’ Britons are unable to understand the … Continue reading

“The challenge any organization is facing is that it has to deal with: more users, beyond the employees, with more types of devices, and with access to applications”

SecurEnvoy met last week with Analyst, Martin Kuppinger, at the RSA conference. Discussing why SecurEnvoy’s technology is interesting with Analyst Martin Kuppinger of Kuppinger Cole, covered a conversation around the focus in the ‘business to business’ space and not the … Continue reading

Microsoft Acquisition of PhoneFactor Promotes the Future of Tokenless Two-Factor Authentication

“Microsoft’s acquisition of US-based PhoneFactor cements the role of Tokenless®  two-factor authentication in securing access to applications, websites and sensitive data.  “Tokenless two-factor authentication uses a phone (normally a mobile but sometimes also a desk phone) to provide the second … Continue reading

How Secure Is the Cloud, Really?

About two thirds of organizations moving data to the cloud have little or no knowledge about what measures their providers have put in place to protect data, a recent survey found. It was observed however, “Whether your data is on … Continue reading

Survey finds the average kid could crack your password using social networking tools

Forty two percent of IT professionals believe that the average kid could crack most end-user’s passwords using social networking tools.  That’s the findings of a survey released today which was conducted by SecurEnvoy amongst 300 IT professionals who found that … Continue reading

Tokenless ‘otp’ alternatives reduce costs by over 90% survey concludes!

A staggering fact that companies that use hardware tokens are not only cheating the employee from convenience, they are also missing the reduction in deployment costs by more than 90%! Tokens that need replacing or that require attention from changing … Continue reading

Authentication tokens can be broken in under 15 minutes !!

The news that tokens can be broken in less than 15 minutes raises questions again following last years security breaches! One clients comments related to the need that the traditional token vendors sell the tokens with a life span but generates … Continue reading

How long does it take to crack a password?

The idea that regular password changes lead to better security dates back to the days when passwords were stored in plain text files on Unix systems. Regular password changes actually decrease security, for a few reasons: 1) your poor users … Continue reading

Tokenless® two factor authentication is officially a business grade service

SecurEnvoy is delighted today to confirm that it has successfully patented its ‘preload’ technology for SecurAccess and SecurMail. This sanction ensures other organisations cannot ‘copy’ its pioneering solution for reliable, business grade, tokenless two factor authentication (2FA).