World Cup 2014 Predictor

1st Prize

Xbox One

Playstation 4

2nd Prize

Google Nexus 7

iPad Mini

3rd Prize

£50 voucher for Amazon, iTunes or Google Play Store

Non-customers, non-resellers, employees of SecurEnvoy and family are not allowed to win a prize but are welcome to take part.

This competition is open to everyone, however, prizes can only be awarded to customers and/or partners of SecurEnvoy plc.

Prizes shown are at our discretion and are based upon entry level specifications for the products offered.

Match times are currently set to match local time, please click here to change to your time zone.

No matches available in this championship.

Ranking Table – Top 10

1. mla1310
2. Footballisnotevenasport288
3. tomgregg282
4. georgeio_jsy280
5. antonybill278
5. MitchellMansfield278
7. jodyp274
8. TerryTibbs266
9. AngeliqueH254
9. amatan254

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