Enter number of tokens to be deployed
                    Select employee location
Carbon emissions created 30117 kg
Carbon tonnes 30.1 tonnes
Number of trees required to offset emissions 1673.1 trees
Acres of planted trees required 11.3 acre

Assuming the following criteria:

Head office based in the UK

Purchasing via an in-country reseller 

In-country employees will collect and sign for authentication token (max 50 mile trip)

International employees assumes 5 EMEA office locations

Token weight 50 grams

Long haul flight from outsourced production factory (typically in Asia/China) to manufacturer in US

Long haul flight from manufacturer (US) to UK-based distributor

Road freight from airport via distributor and reseller to end user is no more than 250 miles

Note: Manufacturing and disposal carbon emissions have not been calculated as information is not readily available


Data Sources

Air travel carbon emissions




Vehicle carbon emissions


Carbon absorbed naturally by a tree

http://www.co2balance.com  (carbon absorption rate 900kg for a 50 year tree life)

Trees per acre



Token carbon emissions calculator
This tool calculates the number of trees required to off-set the CO2 emissions generated by distributing tokens.
This calculator does not include carbon produced by the manufacturing or disposable process.
These tokens also include a number of harmful toxic elements such as plastics, batteries and displays.