Milton Keynes Hospital

NHS TRUST FINDET EINE KOSTENEFFIZIENTE HILFE FÜR REMOTE-BENUTZERZUGRIFF MIT SECURENVOY Krankenhäuser und NHS-Trusts sind gesetzlich zur Einhaltung strenger Datenschutzgesetze verpflichtet, daher ist der sichere Zugang zum IT-Netzwerk sehr wichtig. Ein besonderes Anliegen von IT-Abteilungen ist die Gewährleistung eines sicheren Zugangs für Mitarbeiter, die von zuhause aus auf das Netzwerk zugreifen müssen, einschließlich des Büro- und medizinischen Personals.

Since rolling out SecurEnvoy we have been able to significantly reduce our administrative overhead and the overall cost of the solution as well as improving the security of our network.

Richard Medina, IT Manager

Data Privacy

Managing patient data (and keeping it secure) is absolutely critical for healthcare organisations. Failure to comply with regulations can have enormous consequences. That’s why healthcare organisations trust our two-factor solution to keep their data safe.

Simplified access

Medical information has to be secured. But it also needs to be accessible by healthcare providers and insurers in order to deliver the best possible care. Tokenless authentication ensures the right people have access to the right information.

Swift deployment

Token-based authentication options are expensive to implement and maintain, as well as placing an unwelcome strain on IT departments. Tokenless solutions are easier for healthcare organisations to maintain and can be deployed in hours.

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