Baffled by Multifactor Authentication? Read our guide to the features that matter

SecurEnvoy 17/10/2017, Product Updates

If you're considering a multi-factor authentication solution, you'll be well aware that  there's a bewildering amount of information out there steering you toward one particular product or another. some of that can be contradictory, a lot of it can be overly technical and packed with jargon undecipherable to all but the most technical of minds.  

That's why we've created our "Multifactor Authentication Buyers' Guide".  The Guide boils down all the relevant information you need to know about MFA for your business, into just 4 pages.

It provides clarity on common areas of confusion around MFA, including:

  1. PINs vs Paswords
  2. Software token options
  3. Biometrics
  4. Geolocation 
  5. Databases
  6. Licensing

Download your copy of the Buyers' Guide here.

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