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Security Culture

At the heart of SecurEnvoy is a security culture. We didn’t adapt to security, we grew with security from the beginning and pride ourselves on providing best of breed solutions to customer challenges. We design, build and execute great software in a challenging security marketplace.

Protect Against Breaches

Identify and ensure your data remains safe. We can help protect your business by protecting the user, the data and the device.

Collaborate with Partners

Partners are the essence to providing a smooth deployment, integration and support capability local to where clients are based. We are a channel first business and always have been; it is our go to market strategy. 

User Adoption

Paramount to each product design we visit the simplicity of use by the client, the speed and efficiency of deployment and the ease of management from a support perspective. 

Speed of Deployment

Our security solutions are designed for ease of use for deployment at scale to secure the most sensitive information using our trusted technology.

Seamless Experience

Essential to all successful deployments is the synergies between the user, the project team delivering and the support capability.

Security Management

Providing the tools to enable fortification is through a management portal, an area to plan, review and execute through UI/UX gifted interfaces that are intuitive and effective. This makes the management of our security suite a single pane of glass. 

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Get in touch with our sales team to book a demo, request a 30-day trial, or just to chat about how we can help you.

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