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 Aspen Insurance runs a Citrix network that relies upon username and password login for active directory authentication. Operating within the highly regulated financial services sector requires additional security considerations to maintain compliance. Hence, two-factor authentication is required for remote network access. 

Historically, Aspen had issued RSA tokens for all employees seeking to gain remote access to their business critical systems and applications. However, employees would frequently misplace their tokens and the IT department was becoming burdened with excessive requests for replacements and token maintenance. 

Aspen decided to look for an alternative solution for two-factor authentication; one that would help to reduce costs and management overhead. Having reviewed the alternatives, they opted for SecureAccess from SecurEnvoy. 

Using SMS messaging, rather than smartcards or tokens for authentication, delivers significant cost benefits, greater flexibility and more robust security. “We’ve seen huge demand from customers for SecurAccess” says Steve Watts, Sales Director for SecurEnvoy. “The pre-load function for SMS passcode delivery means users don’t have to wait for their passcode, even if they’re in an area with poor mobile reception”. 

Aspen, already using SecurAccess on a daily basis, anticipates its use becoming increasingly widespread as remote working becomes ever more popular throughout the organisation. 


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