Queensland Sugar

SecurEnvoy helps global commodity trader Queensland Sugar create mission critical authentication services Business Driver: A core role undertaken by QSL on behalf of their shareholders is max-imising the return on sugar in the fluid, global commodity trading mar-ketplace. Hedging currency or trading sugar futures is vital to safeguard the best interests of stakeholders and protect Australia’s national inter-est. To meet this mission critical business need QSL required highly available systems, processes and security safeguards to ensure their staff could securely reach company assets. QSL was an early adopter of a competitor’s token based solution but high ownership costs and an unclear technology roadmap prompted QSL to review alternative solu-tions. SecurEnvoy’s market leading SecurAccess was selected as the solution most able to meet QSL’s evolving business demands.

Queensland Sugar
Arriva Train Wales

ERNI Consulting AG

SWISS ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY SECURES REMOTE USER ACCESS WITH SECURENVOY With more than 100 consultants and engineers working on business critical projects across Europe, secure systems access is essential to ERNI. Following an internal systems review, ERNI were looking to provide additional levels of security for remote users, without impeding the essential communication and teamwork that lie at the heart of the value they deliver to their clients.

Tata Steel Case Study

GLOBAL STEEL COMPANY TOUGHENS UP AUTHENTICATION WITH SECURENVOY As a part of a scheduled 3-year review, Tata Steel was looking to improve upon its existing two-factor authentication solution. Having previously invested in over 5,000 hardware tokens, the IT department was weighed down with hardware costs and a significant administrative overhead. With tokens being exchanged every 3 years, and many being lost in the interim, Tata Steel found itself in an almost constant state of hardware replacement. When it came to reviewing alternatives, Tata Steel considered both hardware and software token providers but, in the end, opted for the tokenless solution from SecurEnvoy. Rather than employing an additional piece of hardware, SecurAccess utilises a user’s existing device (smartphone, tablet etc.) to deliver the passcode – which can be valid for one-time use, multiple use or a fixed period of time.

SecurEnvoy has allowed us to be truly flexible with no compromise on performance and security. The tokenless two factor authentication has given our organisation the tools to implement remote and flexible working with complete confidence.

Frank Gramiger, Project Leader

Manufacturing organisations choose SecurEnvoy because we deliver
  • Simple deployment, easy integration
  • A licensing system designed to scale alongside you
  • The broadest range of tokenless solutions



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