Endpoint Security Beyond Boundaries

SecurHIVE is a complementary new suite of security assurance and prevention solutions offered by SecurEnvoy for organisations to protect sensitive data, ensure administration, compliance and governance.

The SecurHIVE suite will broaden the SecurEnvoy offerings into endpoint security, a top priority of Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) today. As data is increasingly moved into the cloud, organisations must ensure confidential information, trade secrets and customer information are encrypted and secured. Additionally, businesses must ensure sensitive data is protected from disclosure and examined for internal and regulatory policy enforcement. The SecurHIVE suite seamlessly integrates with our multi-factor authentication solution, SecurAccess to provide an end-to-end identity and data management security solution. Unlike some providers of endpoint security, SecurHIVE is part of the broader SecurEnvoy platform vision of security beyond boundaries – an integrated security solution.

Through 2019, 30% of organisations are still expected to spend on GDPR compliance initiatives and 40% are adding additional security services for risk management and privacy. SecurHIVE could not enter a better market opportunity for growth. We’re excited to introduce products that align with our vision to provide the best security protection and intelligence for our customers.”

Phil Underwood, CIO of SecurEnvoy


The Future of SecurHIVE

SecurHIVE was developed through access to world class data technologies acquired by SecurEnvoy’s parent company, Shearwater Group. SecurEnvoy has been developing these patented technologies over the past year in line with an April launch. Starting this Spring, the SecurHIVE Beta program will open to a limited number of premier partners. We will provide updates as the program launches. Stay connected to these regular updates by signing up for news alerts here.