The First Multi-Factor SecurMail

Sending and receiving encrypted emails is not an easy experience. Sending sensitive data sent across any networks is major concern and worry for business's. SecurMail from SecurEnvoy provides a revolutionary approach that doesn't suffer from the overheads of deployment and encryption management; just rock-solid security with a second factor of authentication and ease of use.

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Intelligent Alerts

Intelligent Alerts

End to end automation allows for automated alerts that are passed to the sender. Intelligent alerts provide peace of mind that the intended recipient has received the message, that the SecurMail has never been collected or that a recipient has keyed the OTP incorrectly. If a Brute force attack has been detected, the system can delete the SecurMail automatically.

Reduced Helpdesk Costs

SecurMail provides an additional factor to unlock the email. The decryption key is sent in two parts one via email and one via SMS. The user simply clicks the link in the received email, then accesses the One Time Passcode that is delivered via SMS. SecurEnvoy SMS codes are Fips140-2 random generated numbers with no keys. No customer sensitive data or keys are ever stored by SecurEnvoy. So you can be sure that there are no back doors into your system.