Zero Footprint

With no software to deploy to the end user. SMS allows a rapid deployment to your user base. Any mobile device or phone that can receive an SMS message is supported. This approach expands the range of users to include not only internal staff but also third-parties and even consumers. Your entire business or emergency network can be deployed rapidly.

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Real Time alerting

While phone and voice communications are often jammed in an emergency, SMS often receives priority. Real Time alerts are passed to all employees or emergency staff letting them know what to do and details about the emergency. Further instructions are included along with a One time Passcode. The user simply follows the instructions and can then continue working. This is a seamless workplace transition experience at scale.

Affordable Authentication

In Case of Emergency provides clients with the ability to turn on strong, multi factor authentication for users in the event of an emergency. ICE allows companies to turn On and OFF as required. As Ice uses SMS as the method of alerting users, there is no hardware to purchase or deploy. It is simply a case of turning it ON.

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