Authenticate your way

SecurEnvoy are the original inventors of tokenless® two-factor authentication. Our innovative solutions provide users with convenient, secure authentication at a fraction of the cost of hardware token-based alternatives.

Putting the user in control

We believe users should be able to choose any personal device to act as their authentication token. Whether it's a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or even a desk phone; you should be able to seamlessly and securely move your identity between devices.

A world without tokens

Hardware tokens were first introduced over 30 years ago. This outdated technology is preventing large-scale adoption of two-factor authentication as it is expensive to deploy and manage and doesn't scale easily.

Elegantly simple

We believe that logging on should be a simple process and that thousands of users should be securely deployed at the click of a button. Our technology leverages existing infrastructure such as Active Directory to create simple, elegant solutions.


Mobile phone based, tokenless® two-factor authentication for remote systems access.


Reset your password remotely with the security of tokenless® two-factor authentication.


A revolutionary approach to email security using tokenless® two-factor authentication.


Fully managed, hosted service for the provision of tokenless® two-factor authentication.


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