Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2014: SecurEnvoy wins an award for international trade

The IT company Steve Watts, Sales and Marketing Director at SecurEnvoySecurEnvoy has been announced as one of the winners of the 2014 Queen’s Award for Enterprise. It is the most significant and most prestigious business award across the commonwealth and rest of the world and this year it will be presented on 21 April, Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday. SecurEnvoy will receive the award, in the “International Trade” category, for its invention of tokenless two-factor authentication. The success of SecurEnvoy is attested by the London-based company’s world-wide sales network, which now covers every continent. Queen Elizabeth herself will present the award to the company’s founders, Steve Watts and Andy Kemshall. Continue reading →

Tokenless two-factor authentication defies “Heartbleed”

The existence of Heartbleed, a vulnerability in the OpenSSL open source software, was recently announced. The OpenSSL encryption tool is used worldwide on countless websites, which means the loophole can be used by hackers to access data stored on computers, such as passwords, certificates, etc., even if the websites utilise encryption with the https protocol. But unauthorised access via stolen user identities is prevented by the tokenless two-factor authentication procedure from the developer SecurEnvoy. None of the solutions from this manufacturer have such security vulnerabilities, as they do not make use of OpenSSL. Continue reading →

Infosecurity Europe: SecurEnvoy closes the back door in order to prevent data spying

Those who come in through the back door often have something to hide – and this also applies to the IT scene. For example, data spies can use back doors in token-based authentication solutions to steal information about companies. The company SecurEnvoy will be explaining how businesses can protect themselves from such prying eyes on stand H10 at Infosecurity Europe (29 April to 1 May, London). In a keynote entitled “Revolutionising 2FA to enhance the user experience”, Andrew Kemshall and Phil Underwood will look at the two-factor authentication solutions available on the market. They will also discuss security aspects relating to seed records, which are specific algorithms used to create passcodes for user identification. Continue reading →

If even a five-year-old can crack the Xbox password security…

…how much damage could a professional hacker do in a company network? At just five years of age, Kristoffer von Hassel recently caused a stir when he effortlessly circumvented the Microsoft Xbox console’s password security. He wanted to log in using his father’s account and entered an incorrect password into the query field. The verification screen then opened up and he simply pressed the space bar a few times. Once verified, the boy was able to access his father’s Xbox account without any problems. Had he been asked to enter a second factor in addition to the password, access would not have been so easily granted. Continue reading →

LANINET Solutions provides highly secure cloud logins with SecurEnvoy

Logo Laninet

SecurEnvoy works closely with the distribution partner LANINET Solutions in Scandinavia. SecurEnvoy’s solutions, such as SecurAccess, have now been added to the Swedish IT company’s security portfolio. The aim of the two partners is to expand the market presence of SecurEnvoy in Sweden. Tokenless two-factor authentication enables small and medium-sized companies to perform secure and fast cloud logins among other things. It also allows them to save on the operating costs of a token-based authentication solution. Together, the partners provide training and seminars in order to highlight the advantages of the tokenless method live. Continue reading →

Data octopus acquires messaging service – and also your corporate data?

Facebook acquires WhatsApp

The social media network Facebook recently caused a stir when it announced that it will acquire the popular messaging service WhatsApp. The resulting concerns are understandable – the merger of a data octopus disguised as a “social platform” with an unencrypted messaging service via which millions of messages, pictures and videos are sent daily might well be seen as a dangerous combination. Continue reading →

QR code enables authentication: SecurEnvoy demonstrates its One Swipe method at Infosecurity Europe

Infosecurity, one of the largest European trade fairs for information security, will be taking place at Earls Court in London from 29 April to 1 May. And the exhibitor SecurEnvoy will transform its stand H10 at the event into a cosy pub and provide information about its tokenless two-factor authentication method. In this relaxed atmosphere, the company’s experts will be presenting their new One Swipe technology live. This approach does not require mobile phone reception or an internet connection, as the user simply scans a one-time QR code using a webcam in order to prove his or her identity. Continue reading →

SecurEnvoy facilitates remote working for staff at city councils and municipal authorities

From law enforcement officials to highway surveyors – staff at public authorities often work away from the office. As a result, they need to access city or municipal networks remotely in order to document their assignments. Employees at many such authorities log in via two-factor authentication and identify themselves using dedicated hardware tokens. However, with this approach, the procurement and maintenance costs relating to the tokens can rapidly escalate. An alternative is offered by the manufacturer SecurEnvoy, which has developed a tokenless two-factor authentication method. With this, staff working remotely can easily and efficiently log into networks using devices such as smartphones. Continue reading →

Institute for Mental Health in Altrecht identifies employees using tokenless two-factor authentication

The Dutch Institute for Mental Health in Altrecht states that “It is a very Logo Altrecht geestelijke gezondheidszorgmodern solution”. This vote of confidence has been given to the recently installed SecurAccess tokenless two-factor authentication solution provided by the developer SecurEnvoy. It replaces the previous token-based system used to identify staff when they logged into the corporate network. SecurAccess will provide security regarding, among other things, access to electronic patient records. This allows staff to retrieve protected data even when working remotely, for example when patients are visited at home. A feature that provides benefits in terms of finances and user-friendliness is that SecurAccess provides the necessary authentication passcode by text message and via various other methods – so there is no need for additional, dedicated tokens. Continue reading →

Torkes launches “OTP as a Service” based on SecurAccess by SecurEnvoy

Torkes, partner of SecurEnvoy in ColombiaSecurEnvoy partner Torkes, a Colombian company dedicated to create managed service over Hardware and Software platforms, recently launched “OTP as a Service”. An OTP, short for One Time Passcode, secures remote logins and different types of applications such as VPN, WEB, Virtualization, IVR, etc. via strong two factor authentication. It is based on the tokenless method by SecurEnvoy. This technology allows users to authenticate using devices such as mobile phones, tablets, PCs, landlines, among others in which passcodes are received and/or generated without the need of additional hardware. Continue reading →

SecurEnvoy at Infosecurity London, 29th April - 01st May

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Join SecurEnvoy in a relaxed pub atmosphere at stand H10 during Infosecurity London and experience tokenless two-factor authentication!

Apart from demonstrating our solutions and the new One Swipe technology we will be holding keynotes at the Technical Theatre sponsered by SecurEnvoy:

29th April/30th April/01st May:
Revolutionising 2FA to enhance the user experience (11:20 - 11:45)

This presentation discusses the latest innovations in the 2FA market and the merits of various soft token types available. It will also address Seed, especially with the backdoors into 2FA software from the NSA and other agencies. Is the Cloud secure? Whom can you really trust? What are recommended solutions?
- Gain insight into the latest innovations in 2FA login
- Understand the merits of different token types
- Manage the deployment and life cycle of soft tokens
- Explore security issues with Seed records post Snowden
- Learn how SecurEnvoy handle Seed security

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29 April 2014 @ London, Earl's Court


Archived Events

Security on the Move with SecurEnvoy in Melbourne, Australia

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Security on the Move

InterContinental Melbourne The Rialto

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06 March 2014 @ Melbourne


Security on the move with SecurEnvoy in Brisbane, Australia

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Security on the Move
Brisbane, 18 October 2013
Stamford Plaza, Corner of Margaret & Edward Streets, Brisbane

10 October 2013


Join SecurEnvoy plc at it-sa in Nuremberg Germany

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Visitors to the Nuremberg-based it-sa trade fair can meet SecurEnvoy experts in person at stand 412 in hall 12 – the event will be held from 8th to 10th October.

08 October 2013 @ Germany


SecurEnvoy exhibit at Gitex, Dubai UAE

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Meet with SecurEnvoy and Otek and Gitex in Dubai, UAE from October 20th to 24th

08 October 2013 @ Dubai, UAE


SecurEnvoy exhibit at Infosec Holland

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Jon SecurEnvoy alongisde TechAccess, WeSecure and Motiv at Infosec Holland this year, October 30th to 31st.

08 October 2013 @ Holland


Bringing BYOD and two factor authentication one step closer

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Tampa, Florida: SecurEnvoy hosts the continuing debate - with the rise of BYOD where does the responsibility of 2FA remain? Bringing thought leaders together in this debate we offer the BYOT solution (bring your own token) and let the user select the authentication method as they do the device type!

Wednesday October 3rd, 09-30 refreshments for a 10-00 start. Lunch follows Q&A, expected to close 13-30.

Places are limited so please contact us to register for a place:  sales@SecurEnvoy.us Further events and locations to follow.

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03 October 2012 @ Tampa, Florida


SecurEnvoy present with Sonicwall and Sophos in Reykjavík Iceland. Öryggi og tölvukerfi – 28. september – Grand Hótel

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NORRIQ NetPartner og Omnis efna til spennandi ráðstefnu um öryggismál í upplýsingatækni. Ráðstefnan er tæknilegs eðlis og er ætluð fagfólki, stjórnendum og öllum áhugamönnum um öryggismál í upplýsingatækni. Á ráðstefnunni fara sérfræðingar frá Infinigate, SonicWALL, Sophos og Securenvoy yfir ýmsa möguleika til að auka öryggi í rekstri tölvu- og netkerfa, auk þess sem sérfræðingur frá Coraid kynnir nýja nálgun í gagnageymslulausnum sem slegið hefur í gegn.

28 September 2012 @ Reykjavík, Iceland


Join our African Seminar tour from July 9th, 2012

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Join us from July 9th through to July 12th. Starting in Pretoria, South Africa, SecurEnvoy and partner AfricaSD are touring to provide a hands-on experience of seeing how to install in less than hour, deploying to 1,000 users in less than a minute and how to replicate to multiple servers in four key strokes.

SecurAccess - the award winning two factor authentication solution from the inventors of tokenless.

08 July 2012 @ Pretoria, South Africa


Tokenless Explained

Tokenless two factor authentication definition; What it is is a combination of two of the three alternatives; something I know, something I own or something I am such as biometric. SecurEnvoy use the something I know ( a username and a password unique to the individual) and something I have/own which is a mobile device. Either via SMS, an app, a secure email or a voice call SecurEnvoy allows the users to choose which is the favoured method of choice to the end user.

Using Apps as Authenticators

Software on a phone in the past was too difficult to deploy and manage. Now with the advent of the app stores form Apple, Blackberry, Android and Windows so its now free and easy to deploy. However its not necessarily secure, so SecurEnvoy invented a method that anyone with a smart device can have an app deployed but one that is unique and individual to each device. Only half the seed records are stored, the other half is at the server level; competitors however leave the whole seed on the device and charge for each and every one of them, moreover they are easy to lave on the device when its upgraded then leaving a potential security flaw! Lean how SecurEnvoy overcome this issue. More at www.securenvoy.com/animations/overview/animations.shtm

Sophos Encryption passwords; best practice with SecurEnvoy

Analysts Goode Intelligence discusses the best practice for managing Encryption Passwords. Specifically for Sophos SafeGuard working with tokenless leader SecurEnvoy.

Delays in SMS authentication

Goode Intelligence and SecurEnvoy discuss the SMS delays that tokenless authentication companies face and the patented [reloaded option SecurEnvoy invented and brought to market.

The History of SMS authentication - innovation

Alan Goode of Goode Intelligence speaks to Andy Kemshall of SecurEnvoy about the history of where SMS authentication came from, where was it first used and how it has progressed over the years.

A world without tokens


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