We simply work. We integrate directly without the usual complex, lengthy processes or implementation. SecurAccess offers the scalable flexibility to adapt to your changing business needs and supports countless SaaS or on-premise applications and network options. For legacy password or token-based MFA environments, we offer a migration solution that offers parallel processes while users are migrated through our frictionless solution.

Whether it’s GDPR or other privacy laws, businesses cannot ignore the rising security risks and concerns of data privacy for both industry and consumers. Our solutions bring organizations into compliance by securing access to this sensitive information. Security solutions are the new reality to bring businesses into compliance and protect their customers as personal data is used and distributed across the enterprise more than any other time in history.

Tata Steel Case Study


As a part of a scheduled 3-year review, Tata Steel was looking to improve upon its existing two-factor authentication solution. Having previously invested in over 5,000 hardware tokens, the IT department was weighed down with hardware costs and a significant administrative overhead. With tokens being exchanged every 3 years, and many being lost in the interim, Tata Steel found itself in an almost constant state of hardware replacement.

EE (T-Mobile)

T-Mobile, one Europe’s leading mobile operators, has enabled its remote workforce to use their mobile phones to gain secure access to corporate systems, thanks to a three-year deal signed with SecurEnvoy. Three thousand UK employees are now using SecurAccess; SecurEnvoy’s cost-effective, two-factor authentication solution that transforms mobile phones into virtual tokens. An additional 2,000 T-Mobile staff are the first to register for SecurICE, SecurEnvoy’s new emergency service that enables them to access the company’s network immediately and securely if they are prevented from coming in to work.

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Providers of multi-factor authentication have considerable responsibility for ensuring that their clients receive the second passcode (OTP) required for a secure login,…

In terms of pure arithmetic, almost every person on the Earth now possesses a mobile phone, with some even having multiple devices as they also have a company phone…

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Financial Services are targeted more than any other sector with breaches tripling over the last 5 years. This webinar will cover the financial services security landscape and identify easy solutions to reduce costs of a data breach and increase customer retention.

Security solutions for

The education sector depends on efficiency, accuracy and data security. As high value targets for research and personal data, education institutions trust SecurEnvoy and our simple to manage solution to deliver robust authentication that helps employees remain productive and protected, while student access remains secure.

The manufacturing sector depends on efficiency. And that’s why businesses chose SecurEnvoy – our simple to manage solution delivers robust authentication that helps employees remain productive, keeps processes lean and ensures businesses stay agile.

Legal firms are trusted to protect extremely sensitive client information. You need an authentication platform that’s restless in its quest to deliver the most robust security solution possible, trusted by security-conscious organisations across the globe thanks to the unique way it handles data records.

Handling the most sensitive of personal information, the healthcare sector is required to adhere to formidable data security regulations. Our comprehensive authentication solution is trusted by healthcare providers across the world to help them stay compliant.

Processing vast volumes of customer data, security is critical for retailers. Trust builds brands in the retail sector, and that’s why some of the biggest names on the high street select the comprehensive authentication provided by SecurEnvoy to keep them safe.

Utilities are the backbone to our society and infrastructure. With cybersecurity threats constantly evolving, utilities select SecurEnvoy to stay safe and protect crucial data and operations, without sacrificing flexibility.

The world of construction is evolving at unprecedented speed. To keep pace with a constantly changing environment, construction firms just like you select SecurEnvoy to stay safe and protect crucial data, without sacrificing flexibility.

We understand the extreme regulatory pressure you face as a financial services business. That’s why we’ve built SecurAccess – our leading authentication solution – to consummately answer each and every financial compliance requirement, giving you one less headache.

Local and central government organisations are entrusted with great responsibility – both to use their budget effectively, and to keep the highly confidential data they handle secure. That’s why SecurEnvoy is selected by so many public-sector bodies to keep them safe.

Other than healthcare and finance, no other industry faces more security concerns than defence. Leading defence firms rely on SecurAccess to secure data and access to critical databases and systems.

As a charity, you do some of the most important work out there (dealing with extremely sensitive information in the process). Choose the solution that gives you the sort of supreme authentication your invaluable work deserves.