Versatile Solutions
Versatile Solutions

SecurAccess offers the freedom and flexibility with hosting options to suit any business need

We are the only provider of secure solutions that offer the freedom and flexibility with hosting options to suit any business needs. 


Hybrid Solution - Host it Your Way

Unsurpassed versatility from the only cloud, on-premise and hybrid solution.

Deployment Simplicity

Deployment efficiency at scale that reduces the costs of implementation and supporting your authentication platform.

Passcode Options

Market-leading breadth in the number of passcode types supported.

Passcode Delivery

The ultimate range of passcode delivery options, catering for every organisation. 

Integration with your favourite vendors

Our solutions were designed by a team that understands the increasing demands on security infrastructure. We integrate with every major technology platform – making authentication easier and faster to deploy.


Support and integration with the leading virtual private network solutions.


We have partnered with the largest Cloud solutions and also offer our own out-of-the-box option as well, SecurEnvoy Managed Cloud.

Remote Desktop

Integration with major remote desktop services.


Firewalls and Portals

Our comprehensive support extends to web portals, firewalls and more.

More of our Integrations

Our team is constantly working with our partners to expand our integration offerings. Our team is available to help you navigate any deployment environment and review your integration needs.

Security options for all scenarios
Security options for all scenarios

Security options for all scenarios

SecurAccess has the flexibility to scale easily and quickly whether you need 10 or tens of thousands of licenses. Our technology will integrate seamlessly in a cloud, on premise or a hybrid solution. 

Split Seed Records

Robust seed management delivers an authentication solution you can trust.

Active Directory

Harness the power of Active Directory (AD) and other LDAP-based servers.

Single Sign-on

Convenience and flexibility from this comprehensive SSO solution.

Open APIs

A versatile open-API solution that adapts as your business evolves

Breadth of SecurAccess

SecurAccess is a leading authentication product – trusted by organisations of all sizes thanks to its flexibility and unparalleled security. Get the confidence to realise your organisation’s full digital potential, no matter what the size, scale, or technology requirements in a cloud, on premise or a hybrid solution, we have you covered.


 SecurICE provides clients with the ability to turn on strong, multi-factor authentication for users in the event of an emergency. =


SecurPassword allows the user to take control over a password reset using a multi-factor authentication experience, making the problem easily, securely and quick to resolve.


SecurMail enables you to send and receive email using Multi-Factor authentication, encryption and SSL technology. 

SecurEnvoy Managed Cloud (SecurMC)

SecurMC was launched to create a platform for customers and providers to choose how and who they want to deliver fully managed tokenless Multi-Factor Authentication services.

Breadth of our services
Breadth of our services
Security solutions for

The education sector depends on efficiency, accuracy and data security. As high value targets for research and personal data, education institutions trust SecurEnvoy and our simple to manage solution to deliver robust authentication that helps employees remain productive and protected, while student access remains secure.

The manufacturing sector depends on efficiency. And that’s why businesses chose SecurEnvoy – our simple to manage solution delivers robust authentication that helps employees remain productive, keeps processes lean and ensures businesses stay agile.

Legal firms are trusted to protect extremely sensitive client information. You need an authentication platform that’s restless in its quest to deliver the most robust security solution possible, trusted by security-conscious organisations across the globe thanks to the unique way it handles data records.

Handling the most sensitive of personal information, the healthcare sector is required to adhere to formidable data security regulations. Our comprehensive authentication solution is trusted by healthcare providers across the world to help them stay compliant.

Processing vast volumes of customer data, security is critical for retailers. Trust builds brands in the retail sector, and that’s why some of the biggest names on the high street select the comprehensive authentication provided by SecurEnvoy to keep them safe.

Utilities are the backbone to our society and infrastructure. With cybersecurity threats constantly evolving, utilities select SecurEnvoy to stay safe and protect crucial data and operations, without sacrificing flexibility.

The world of construction is evolving at unprecedented speed. To keep pace with a constantly changing environment, construction firms just like you select SecurEnvoy to stay safe and protect crucial data, without sacrificing flexibility.

We understand the extreme regulatory pressure you face as a financial services business. That’s why we’ve built SecurAccess – our leading authentication solution – to consummately answer each and every financial compliance requirement, giving you one less headache.

Local and central government organisations are entrusted with great responsibility – both to use their budget effectively, and to keep the highly confidential data they handle secure. That’s why SecurEnvoy is selected by so many public-sector bodies to keep them safe.

Other than healthcare and finance, no other industry faces more security concerns than defence. Leading defence firms rely on SecurAccess to secure data and access to critical databases and systems.

As a charity, you do some of the most important work out there (dealing with extremely sensitive information in the process). Choose the solution that gives you the sort of supreme authentication your invaluable work deserves.