SecurAccess offers the freedom and flexibility with hosting options to suit any business need

We are one of the few providers of secure solutions that offer the freedom and flexibility with hosting options to suit any business needs. On-premise, in the Cloud or a hybrid option - it's your choice, without compromise. Additionally, deployment efficiency at scale that reduces the costs of implementation and supporting your authentication platform.



Integrations with Your Favourite Vendors

Our solutions were designed by a team that understands the increasing demands on security infrastructure. We integrate with every major technology platform – making authentication easier and faster to deploy.


User Benefits

  • Mobile application available to all smart phones and desktop/laptop environments
  • User can choose from a large variety of authentication options. It's user's choice for security - without compromise.
  • No need to remember an additional secret piece of information as they can reuse the Microsoft or LDAP passwords.
  • End users only needs to enter one thing they know rather than two pieces of information as many other multi-factor systems require a separate PIN.
  • No need to carry or remember additional authentication devices.
  • Dynamically updating the previous SMS message removes the need to delete old text messages
User Benefits

Business Benefits

  • SecurAccess offers a variety of choices and options for authentication - beyond SMS.
  • Custom branded authentication options available
  • No token deployment or replacement costs.
  • Cost savings with SecurPassword resets
  • Deployment to thousands of users in minutes via SecurEnvoy's deployment wizard reduces the cost of deploying and supporting multi-factor authentications.


Our solutions are available on a wide variety of platforms and applications. You can find links to our software and App stores below.


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